Famous Last Words: Wrapping up to the end

 For my capstone class I have to write my independent project paper. I have only written the methods for my experiment. I still have to do additional research as well as identify my organism. I only did a couple of physiological and biochemical tests so hopefully I can get a tentative identification for the organism I isolated from soil. I also have to study for my Pathogenic Lab class. I have a test in there on Wednesday and the material for this unit is a lot more extensive than the last. The last two weeks in that class have gotten hard and it takes me three times as long to get the lecture done since I'm always rewinding to hear a specific detail. My friends have been slightly distant this week. I think it could be stress, however, sometimes it makes me feel bad when they won't talk to me normal. I wonder if they are talking to their other friends normally or if it's just me and my other close friend. My roommate and I are great though. Love her. She's so nice and w

Learning Challenge: TIME never stops

I feel like I never have enough time for anything especially at the end of this semester. I am grateful that this class will end so I can focus on more of my more intensive classes. My other classes are kicking my butt. That is not an understatement.    ( The Now Clock )

Tech Tip: Canvas Dashboard

 I didn't know you were able to change colors and rename the classes on canvas. I rearranged my classes moved them in order of what makes sense to me. I look at it everyday and I wished I changed it before because sometimes the icon colors are so similar (not to mention not my favorite color) that I will just click on the wrong one. It also took me awhile to memorize the numbers for the classes. It would've been easier to rename them to the name of the class instead of looking at the class code, 

Extra Credit Reading Notes: Beowulf, Part B

   Stories source:   The Story of Beowulf by Strafford Riggs Grendel Attacks For the most part, there was a heavy emphasis on the description of the setting, especially the darkness, the trees, the fog, and the wind  This really set up for the introduction of Grendel, which would be the antagonist that Beowulf would have to fight against "The fog parted evenly, and in the wide path is made through the night, a Shadow loomed gigantic in all that was left of moonlight" In terms of the Grendel, the author first characterized it as the "Shadow" Of course, the author already knew what the creature was, but I think the usage of this name was for the readers to see from Beowulf's point of view Also, it could be for a dramatic effect that would set up for the introduction of Grendel Everything that happened within this story was of little to no action, except for the end. However, the author did a great job of vividly describing the setting and expanding on the environm

Extra Credit Reading Notes: Beowulf, Part A

  Stories reference below were from  The Story of Beowulf by Strafford Riggs King Hygelac of Geatsland  Started off the story with a common introductory sentence, "Once upon a time, ... " Is this too overused? Tacky? Why do so many fairy tales and accompanying myths start off with this introduction? At the beginning of the story, before the characters were introduced, the author illustrated the setting of the story -- the monsters that resided in the oceans, the beasts that were in the forests For many of them, the author included ghastly details -- something to intrigue the reader into continuing with the story There was also a lot of discussion about the cultures of the lands and their surrounding lands as well. About how they were warring constantly At first, I thought this story wasn't as fantastical as it was made out to be. When I came upon the fact that there were monsters was where the story got a lot more interesting for me and my mind was filled with the possibi

Reading Notes: Dante's Inferno, Part B

   Stories are derived from   Dante's Divine Comedy, by Tony Kline The Minotaur and the Centaurs With the introduction, it connects to the story of the Minotaur and Theseus, which was the one who slain him and sent him to the Underworld Virgil mentioned his doom and the hero that done the deed to the Minotaur, which made the Minotaur very upset, which was a sign for Dante to descend further into the Underworld There didn't need to be an additional story that was added for the Minotaur, which made a special appearance laying on the top of a gully, but that's all There were a group of centaurs seen after the descent into the 7th circle, each of them armed and racing one after the other like they would on the Earth above When questioned, Virgil said that he would only answer to Chiron, which by further research was the son of the Titan Cronus Why does this make him important? Why do they seek only him? The one that was speaking to him happened to be Nessus, but how does Virgil

Tech Tips: Creative Commons Browser

For this week's tech tip, I added the Creative Commons extension to my Google Chrome. I've been pretty frustrated for a long time going to Google, find the image that I was looking for, download it, find the downloaded file, and then inserting it to the blog post! It's not too much of an ordeal, but it's definitely a hassle to do these steps over and over again. However, with this, it's just a whole lot easier for me to insert these images! I can simply download it from the extension and drag the image from the downloaded files here. (Photo of Roses by Lucy Cuneo )